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Text-to-speech technology

Text-to-Speech - Use cases

Unlock a world of possibilities with Text-to-speech for audio guides

Audio guides are becoming increasingly popular, offering an immersive way to explore a museum or exhibit. And with the technology of text-to-speech, audio tours are now easier and more accessible than ever.

Text-to-speech is a computer-based process that converts written text into spoken language. It can be used with audio guides and other media, creating an engaging, dynamic voice for your audio tour. With text-to-speech, your audio tour can be tailored to a wide range of voices, accents, and languages. Tour guides can simply add the text of the tour into an automated system, without the need for a narrator.

Text-to-speech can also be used as a tool to enrich your audio tours with sound effects and background music. Adding interactive elements can further enhance your audio tours, such as quizzes and games to keep listeners interested. Text-to-speech can be used to create a truly immersive experience, allowing visitors to interact with the audio tour in new and interesting ways.

The text-to-speech technology used in audio guides brings a more natural feel and a greater level of accessibility. Visitors can now experience audio tours in their own language and with a range of voices, making them more accessible to a wide variety of audiences.


What to do with Text-to-speech

All possibilities with Text-to-speech

Voice impact your user's experience in more ways than one! Unleash the power of text-to-speech to get your message across to your audience and discover the endless possibilities waiting for you!

  • Professional audio guides

    Create customized multilingual audio guides in seconds

  • Automated Podcasts

    Automate the creation of multilingual podcasts with different natural voices

  • Multilingual descriptive videos

    Create natural and descriptive multilingual voice-overs for videos