Our mission is to improve our customers' productivity with Artificial Intelligence

We are aware that AI is revolutionizing many industries. For this reason we have decided to create specific tools for every business need, which respect the human being, the privacy of each individual and the work of each of us; while guaranteeing concrete and profitable results in a short time.

We are a highly technological innovative startup, which aims to become the European reference for the development of technological solutions through the use of Artificial Intelligence. We are a team of specialized technicians with a strong passion for innovation and business consultants with great vision and understanding of internal business processes and the bureaucracy required on a daily basis.

We integrate high-level software to make our customers more efficient and productive. Through Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning tools we are able to range from the creation of customized Chatbots, using the best LLMs on the market, specifically trained on company data, to the use of highly specific techniques such as Computer Vision, able to improve data collection from images or videos by providing the customer with important information on their daily business, allowing them to better understand their audience, their user base and their staff.

Through artificial intelligence systems we are able to significantly improve corporate life, optimizing daily processes, improving staff efficiency and providing structured data essential for business management in 2023. All these processes are carried out in complete transparency and respect for privacy, creating ethical man-machine collaboration infrastructures.

We consider ourselves partners of our customers, not just suppliers. Our working method leads us to get to know our client's business in depth, providing safe and personalized guidance for any need that may arise. Our goal is to co-invest together to get the best AI-based tool, and make internal staff training more efficient, more productive and improve.

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Our values

We believe in the ethical use of artificial intelligence. Technology, which has become part of every individual's daily life, must be a support and an increase in man's possibilities. This is why the conscientious use of AI is essential for continuous growth both in terms of productivity and humanity.

Continuous improvement.
We constantly invest in training, we love learning new technologies and new activities to improve our skills.
Full remote.
We are a company that cares so much about the freedom of its collaborators, which is why we always offer a 100% remote.
Entrepreneurship support.
We invest in the best ideas! Our collaborators are encouraged to create personal projects with the help of the company
Personal freedom.
We believe that the freedom of each individual is very important. This is why we give maximum freedom in choosing the working period.
Work ethic.
Our mission is to improve the productivity of companies, so we invest in the development of man-support technologies to improve their daily working life.
Serene and fun environment.
We are not a big family, but a big group of friends! Work doesn't always have to be hard and boring, but a constant forge of ideas, jokes and fun.
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Join our team

We are looking for motivated people, lovers of technology and innovation, who think, even in the smallest way, that they can change the world for the better.

  • Competitive salary
  • Hourly freedom
  • 100% Full Remote
  • Young team
  • Career growth paths
  • Fun and stimulating work environment